Four Benefits Of Hydraulic Pump Rebuilding Over Replacement

As your hydraulic pump gets older, it will experience frequent malfunctions or breakdowns. In most cases, you have already had it repaired several times, and by now, you may be considering replacing it with a new one. However, you can try an alternative option called hydraulic pump rebuilding.

Hydraulic pump rebuilding involves dismantling the hydraulic pump, checking every individual component for signs of wear and tear, and checking the remaining life expectancy of every element.

If a component has been worn out, it can be cleaned and refurbished. After all the parts get checked and refurbished, the hydraulic pump gets put back together and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its performance is renewed to its optimum capacity.

With that in mind, here are four benefits of conducting hydraulic pump rebuilding services on your old pump instead of buying a new one.

Saving Money

Though hydraulic pump rebuilds are relatively expensive compared to repairs, they can save you money in the long run. If you think about it, repairs focus on a single malfunctioning component of the hydraulic pump. Thus, even if the element gets replaced, chances are you will encounter a different issue with the pump after some time.

Hence, you get stuck in a cycle of frequently repairing different parts of the old hydraulic pump. Thus, in the long run, you will end up spending a lot of money on repairs while you could have just opted for a hydraulic pump rebuild.

Additionally, because a hydraulic pump rebuild focuses on each component individually, it usually performs like a new one when the pump gets reassembled. Thus you don't need to buy a new hydraulic pump. Besides, rebuilding costs less than the price of a new hydraulic pump. 

Therefore, you get to save money by opting for a rebuild as opposed to replacing the old pump.

No Depreciation

When you buy a new hydraulic pump, it starts to depreciate as soon as you finalize the purchase. Thus, replacing an old hydraulic pump with a new one forces you to include the depreciation of the new hydraulic pump in your company books.

Suppose you replace several hydraulic pumps all at once. In that case, the total amount of depreciation you have to include in your books will significantly devalue your company for several years.

However, if you opt for hydraulic pump rebuilds, you will reinstate the functionality of your old pumps so that they function as well as new ones. However, because the hydraulic pumps are already old, the amount of depreciation on your books is minimal because depreciation reaches a plateau at a certain point in time. Thus, the old hydraulic pumps don't depreciate any further, and therefore, you get to enjoy a stable company valuation.  

Increased Life Span

At some point in time, you will have to replace the old hydraulic pumps with new ones. However, that day doesn't have to arrive before you have thoroughly exhausted the lifespan of your old pumps. Thus, if it is possible to extend the life of an old hydraulic pump, you don't have to make the financial commitment of buying new hydraulic pumps any time soon.

Fortunately, hydraulic pump rebuilding extends the life of an old hydraulic pump significantly. Thus, if you think your current hydraulic pumps have reached the end of the road, don't rush to replace them with new ones.

Instead, look for a hydraulic pump technician to conduct a rebuild on them. You may be surprised that after the rebuild, the same hydraulic pumps you thought of replacing end up lasting for several more years.

Eliminating Downtime

If you are using an old hydraulic pump, chances are you experience frequent downtime due to the numerous breakdowns, malfunctions, and repairs. You may want to buy a new hydraulic pump to eliminate downtime, but a hydraulic pump rebuild is the best option.

In most cases, a rebuilt hydraulic pump may even provide better performance than a brand new pump. When the pump gets rebuilt, every component receives a new life. Furthermore, the pump receives rigorous testing and optimization to provide peak performance.

Thus, when your hydraulic pump gets rebuilt, it is given a new life, and it performs as well or even better than a new pump. Thus, hydraulic pump rebuilding provides a better solution for eliminating downtime compared to buying a new pump.