Important Tips For Getting Started Sewing With PVC-Coated Fabric

Whether you have your own sewing business or enjoy making clothing or decorative items for your home as a hobby, adding PVC-coated fabrics to your fabric stash will open new possibilities for making one-of-a-kind items. Learning how to work with PVC-coated fabrics will help you craft shower curtains, tablecloths, or rain gear to use for yourself or give as gifts.

Choose projects with simple shapes

PVC-coated fabrics do not allow for a lot of drape. When choosing a pattern for your project, avoid patterns with a lot of details and curves. Working with simple shapes will help you achieve a better outcome when working with PVC fabric.

Test your needle first  

Always begin with a new needle when working with PVC fabrics. Previously used needles may be dull or have small imperfections in them that may tear PVC-coated fabric. A size 12 or 14 needle will usually work well, but you should always test your needle on a small fabric scrap first to make sure it does not tear the material or leave large holes when stitching.

Be careful when ironing

You should never iron the coated side of PVC fabric. You can use a cool iron on the reverse side if necessary but even one wrong move with an iron on the treated side can melt and ruin your project. It is better to finger press seams open when creating your projects, which typically will work well.

Waterproof seams

If you are making outwear, such as a raincoat with PVC-coated fabrics, you will need to make sure your seams are well sealed. This can be accomplished by purchasing a special tape that is used for sealing seams. You can find seam sealing tape at your local fabric or craft store.

Do not use pins during construction

You can use double-sided tape, pattern weights, or any sticky tape for securing your fabric pieces during the construction process. Never use pins under any circumstance, as these will leave unsightly holes in your project. Always remove any tape as soon as possible so it does not leave a residue on your PVC-coated fabric.

The great thing about sewing is you can gain additional experience by working with new fabric options. PVC-coated fabrics allow you to make beautiful items for your home and outwear for you and your family. Learning how to work with PVC-coated fabrics will get you off to a great start and is sure to open new possibilities for you on your sewing journey.