Heating Options For Your Commercial Space

Heating a commercial space requires some planning and a commercial heating system that can handle larger areas efficiently. Often commercial heating systems are large, and the type of system you choose can be crucial, especially if there are noise concerns or if the commercial space is used in a way that demands caution. 

Large Garage or Warehouse Areas

Heating a large space with a high ceiling like a warehouse or a commercial shop can be difficult because the space is so large and open. Often the temperature at the floor is much lower than at the ceiling, so when working with a commercial heating contractor to install a heating system, it is critical to factor the size into the plan. 

Gas radiant heating is one option in a space like this, but you will often need fans to push the heat down towards the floor if you hope to keep the area warm. While these systems are useful in large spaces, the mounting location can be the most significant restriction for the system. 

If the ceiling is low enough, the heat will reach the floor. However, in a warehouse, for instance, the heat may never get low enough to warm the space and trigger the thermostat to shut down the heat. The result could be a heating cost that is so high it makes the system too costly to operate. In these cases, a different commercial heating solution may be a better option. 

Commercial heating units with large fans can handle the space and heat it well, but they can create a lot of noise in the process. There are some options that can help reduce the price, so be sure to talk to your commercial heating contractor to work out the best heating solution for a large space. 

Retail and Office Space

Like a home, retail and office spaces demand a commercial heating solution that is less intrusive and operates without a lot of interaction. Commercial hot air heating systems are often used in these spaces because they are similar to a home heating system with a heat pump located outside and ductwork that carries the warm air to different rooms. 

These commercial heating systems are quiet but produce a large volume of heated air that can be extremely effective in warming the entire space and still run efficiently. The system is commonly gas-fueled, so they can be tied into a natural gas line on the property or can use propane from a tank installed near the building.

A commercial heating contractor can help you select the right system and choose the best fuel for your situation and building. To learn more, you can check out this weblink, http://www.mercurytecinc.com, or similar websites