Selecting The Best Water Heater For Your Home

Water heaters are a part of almost every home, and selecting the right one for your situation can take a little thought. Some things may affect your decision, so taking the time to research your options and consider your situation will help you make the right choice.

Electric Water Heaters

The most common water heaters used in domestic situations are electric water heaters with large storage capacities that heat the water and maintain that water temperature until you need it. These water heaters work well but can be inefficient because they have to turn on and off through the day to heat the water over and over again.

If you work outside your home, and the house is empty during the day, the water heater is running to keep that water hot, but no one is there to use it. Newer hot water tanks have better insulation and more efficient heating coils that can save you money. If your water heater is getting old, replacing it with a new unit can make a significant difference in the cost of heating the water for your home.

Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters use the same system as the electric heaters, but they use a gas burner to heat the water instead of an electric coil. The system is more efficient, but if you do not have natural gas available in your area, a gas water heater might not be an option. 

There are gas water heaters that run on propane as well as natural gas, so having a propane company set up propane service could be an option you want to look at. If you already have gas in the house for the range or furnace, you can add a gas water heater easily, and the cost to run the heater can be significantly lower than electric. 

Tank Sizes

Both gas and electric water heaters are available in varying sizes, so selecting the right one for your home means determining how much hot water you need. In a small house with just one person using the water, a small water heater may be enough, but for a growing family, hot water may be in short supply if the water heater tank is too small.

If you are not sure how large a water heater you need for your home, talk with the plumber that is putting it in or speak with an associate in the store where you are buying your water heater. They can often help you break down how much water you need for your home.

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