2 Important Water Well Services You May Need If Your Well Has Not Been Used Recently

Do you have plans to live in a home that has been inhabited for a while and has a water well system? Perhaps you inherited the home, or maybe you purchased it from someone and you have plans to remodel the home and live in it or rent it out. You will need to ensure the water is safe to drink and that the well is in good structural condition. Some individuals opt to get new well systems installed. This is often a matter of preference because many old wells can be serviced and function just as well as a new well. The following points will help you to understand some services that you need to seek to restore your water well system. 


Perhaps you have taken the time to peer inside of the well and determine whether there is water present. The water is likely still in the well, but that does not mean that it is safe enough to drink. A well that has gone without getting used over a.significant period may have some damages that you cannot see with untrained eyes. A professional can identify any damages such as cracks in the well and remedy them to ensure that the water is safe to drink. Professionals have access to special equipment such as cameras which they can lower into wells to identify damages. 

Test the Water 

Water in a well may appear clear even if there are contaminants present. Therefore, it is ideal to have the water in your well tested. You may learn that bacteria are present as well as other hazardous substances. If the well was not covered during the time it was not used, it is possible that contaminants are present because of small animals, bacteria, animal excrement, or vermin entering the water well system. Chemicals from the ground can also leach into water wells.

Testing well water is important even when a well has been in regular use, but testing the water in a well that has not been in use is even more critical because of the opportunity for bacteria to form. If bacteria are present in the water, a professional can treat the water with a shock treatment to try and eliminate the bacteria. Retests can confirm whether the measures taken are successful or whether to attempt a more aggressive approach.

A water well services company is a good resource to use to ensure the quality and performance of your well. They can inspect the inner portion of your well and also test crucial components such as the water well pump to ensure that they function optimally and do not need to be replaced or repaired. 

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