Four Air Tools You Can Use With Your Air Compressor

If you just purchased an air compressor, it is time to head back to the store and pick up some accessories for your air compressor. Your air compressor is a multi-faceted tool that can be used for many different purposes if you have the right air tools to go with your air compressor.

Air Tool #1: Paint Sprayer

If you have ever tried to paint the outside of your home with a traditional roller, you know how long and tedious the painting process can be. If you want to paint the outside of your home in a much more effective manner, you can purchase a paint sprayer for your air compressor. With a paint sprayer, you pour the paint into a paint gun, and then you smoothly apply the paint in side-to-side motions. It is like a professional spray can that you can use to give your home a professional-looking paint job.

Air Tool #2: Drill

Next, you can purchase a special drill that you can use with your air compressor. With an air drill, you can drill through stronger surfaces, such as through bricks or concrete. The air provides more force to the drill, allowing your drill to be used for more versatile applications. You can purchase a large variety of different bits and grips, allowing your drill to be used for numerous applications. An air-powered drill will be able to take on any job you need it to.

Air Tool #3: Sander

If you have ever tried to sand something by hand, you know that it is really hard work. Sanding by hand is really only effective when you have a very small area to sand. When you have a large area to sand, you need something more powerful. An air-tool sander will allow you to quickly sand down surfaces to a smooth finish. You can also use a sander to grind or polish surfaces.

An air compressor sander will work at a quick pace, allowing you to quickly sand or polish a large surface. It significantly cuts down on both the time and labor requires to sand things. Remember when you use the sand, you should wear a mask and eye protection, as well.

Air Tool #4: Nail Gun

If you are looking to get a lot of construction type work done with your air compressor, you may want to invest in a nail gun. A nail gun powerfully and quickly shoots out nails. Nail guns are commonly used in roofing and framing homes and can also be used with a variety of woodworking projects.

When using a nail gun, be very careful. The nails from the gun come out very quickly, and you don't want to misdirect the gun.

Get more use out of your air compressor by purchasing some air tools that you can use with your air compressor. A drill, sander, nail-gun, and paint sprayer that are designed to be used with an air compressor will give you the tools to take on all sorts of jobs.