Increasing Safety And Reducing Injuries With An Overhead Crane In Your Facility

In many industries, heavy lifting is part of the work, but finding a way to do the lifting safely and avoid problems is critical. Installing special equipment can be expensive, but sometimes it can save money because it can reduce lost time, accidents, and insurance costs. 

Overhead Cranes

An overhead crane is a crane that a company can install inside a large warehouse or facility that will support and lift large assemblies or single items without the operator having to do any lifting. The crane sits on top of a large steel frame that allows the crane to move from side to side and front to back.

Once the crane has the load, you can move the crane direction and move the entire load from one end of the crane to the other. In some large facilities, the crane frame can run from one end to the other end of the building, making it possible to pick a load at one end and move it without having to transfer it at all. 

Safety and Cost Reduction

If installing an overhead crane makes it safer to move things in the plant, the reduction in accidents or injuries is worth the cost of the equipment. The cost of those accidents can be staggering for the company and for the employee that sustained the injury. Installing a crane for lifting things that are a hundred pounds is often just as important as installing one to raise things that are a thousand pounds.

Training and Use of the Crane

Don't forget that the item you are lifting needs to be secured properly to the crane. If there is no pick point on the item, you may have to rig a sling to support the load. Knowing how to use the crane properly is as important as having the crane available to you. If you pick something up with the crane and the rigging is not right, the item could fall free and hit someone below. 

Anyone that is going to use an overhead crane in a facility where people are working needs a training course in how the crane works and what the best way to secure items to it is. A training class can be given by the manufacturer of the crane or a crane expert with many years of experience working with overhead cranes and hoists. It is critical that anyone who might use the crane goes through the training course or not be allowed to use the equipment. 

Speak to a professional about overhead cranes to learn more.